Nutriexperts presents 2 new products | Complex Best in One by Nutralie

Woman Complex and Solar Complex are the two novelties that Nutralie presents to us

Nutralie welcomes spring with the launch of 2 new products that join its innovative product range, following the line of recent formulations designed exclusively with high-quality active ingredients in optimal concentrations.

These are the COMPLEX Best in One combinations by Nutralie, which synergistically act to maximize and cover a wide range of needs, promoting wellness from within.

The new Complex Best in One formulas by Nutralie in detail

3 new formulas, named Women Complex and Solar Complex, are available in convenient packaging of 90 capsules and 30 capsules respectively, offering different benefits that we detail below:

  • Women Complex is a natural dietary supplement specifically developed for women, aiming to address hormonal, physical, mental, and sexual activity. Its COMPLEX formula is formulated with natural ingredients that promote hormonal balance, relieve menstrual inflammation, and alleviate menopausal symptoms.
  • Solar Complex by Nutralie is a dietary supplement developed to meet different needs related to skincare throughout the stages of the tanning process. It prepares the skin for the season when it is exposed to more sunlight, enhances and facilitates tanning during the summer period, and provides the necessary nutrients for its proper and rapid regeneration

The new formulas will be available through Nutralie's website, in the best pharmacies in the country, and on the most important specialized pharmacy portals at the European level. At Free Falling, we are convinced that they will become the new bestsellers of this season!

New Release: A New Challenge for the Nutralie Team

This new launch is part of a global strategy focused on positioning the brand as a leader online in its market niche and transforming Nutralie into a prestigious international brand.

To achieve these goals, the Brand Marketing and Sales team is working tirelessly on all the necessary actions to bring the brand and its products closer to an increasingly discerning audience that embraces a healthy lifestyle focused on physical and mental well-being. They also have the support of renowned experts, ambassadors, and friends who contribute their efforts to share the benefits of Nutralie's formulas and products.

At Free Falling, we are thrilled with the positive reception the brand's products are receiving in the market and the excellent results in terms of sales and strategy