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We Build Smart Companies - We Invest on Creative Initiatives

We were born with one clear objective: to create projects that enchant us. Business ideas that can break the mold. We want to participate in initiatives that offer value to society, which can transform their industry and improve the world we live in. In short, we want to work with companies we fall in love with. Because we strive and engage to the utmost to see them grow.

If there’s one thing that makes us different and unique, it’s that we aren’t in a hurry to get there. We like to enjoy the journey, so we endeavor to build a stable relationship with our partners, and commit to the people forming part of each project. We dedicate part of our team to each, so we can deploy our methodology, because we know it works, and it ensures growth and profitability for us. We enjoy this clear advantage: we already know the way.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and, of course, for you to meet us! But before going on, we’ll present the heart of our company!

Founder partners

David Garcia Gelabert

Free Falling Co Founder

My experience in different sectors and roles in project management helps me get an overview of the challenges to be tackled. This is key to identifying the best strategy to overcome them.

Rodrigo Cernadas Pérez

Free Falling Co Founder

My main goal is not just to work on projects which are sustainable and durable, but to enjoy them and convey this eagerness to the teams participating, challenging and motivating them.


We know that the team is the basis of success and being surrounded by talent and expert professionals in digital businesses will carry you to your objectives faster and more reliably. We have an international team that will work side by side with you, bringing our own methodology that has led us to lead several markets and business sectors. Now, we’d like to share that with you, tracing a plan to get the most profit out of your project.

Let's make something great

Since 2012 alongside companies and entrepreneurs, attracting talent and building the future together.

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