We Build Creative

    Free Falling is a project company. These projects may be their own initiatives and external, the only condition is that at Free Falling we can provide the principles on which we are founded: Better | Digital | Global


    We want to create and participate in projects with regard to mature sectors in which we can provide experience and expertise quickly. Combining knowledge with the ability to develop business models and implement theme desarrollar modelos de negocio e implementarlos


    Our leadership is part of the ability to digitally transform the operative and the sector in which our projects are developed. This allows us to make them more effective and intelligent.


    All objective of all of our projects is a global market both because they are scalable to other markets and because their clients/potential users may be international.

    free falling

    We Convert Ideas into Business

    There is no need for our projects to be related. In fact, they may even be very distinct. What we provide each of them with and the way in which we do so is what connects them.
    We have a defined methodology and governing bodies capable of ensuring that we provide:

    Leadership: Along with the shareholders of each of the projects, we help to empower entrepreneurs and companies to develop profitable, scalable business models

    Team: In all projects we provide some of our team to ensure the methodology and provide the expertise necessary to ensure our Better | Digital | Global

    Investment: We participate in the projects with both economic investments and investments through team, operative and management

    Growth: Our focus is profitability, sustainability and projection of the projects in which we participate


    The portfolio of projects and companies in which we invest is diverse and since we started our first Lifting Group project in 2007 it has not stopped growing. Always in a sustainable way, with the ability to provide profits to shareholders and ensure their projected growth.

    We like it when a plan comes together

    We like to create solid projects that you feel satisfied with and that, although they are independent projects, they have the same principles: Better | Digital | Global

    Let’s make something great

    Do you want to get to know us? Do you have a project? Would you like to work with us? Or do you want to invest with us? ...We can start with this contact form. Leave us your details and tell us why you would like us to contact you. We would love to continue getting to know people and interesting projects