Nutriexperts kicks off the course with Nutralie #WomenExperience

The Nutriexperts team has been immersed in the presentation of Women Complex during the months of September and October. This new product is specifically developed for women and is part of the global brand strategy, aimed at positioning Nutralie as an online leader in its market niche and increasing its international prestige.

With the goal of facing everyday challenges effortlessly, Nutralie organized an experience on October 3 and 4 in a unique environment. During this event, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy activities and talks led by various experts on health and well-being, two fundamental pillars of the brand's philosophy.

Nutralie celebrates #WomenExperience, two exclusive days focused on women's well-being.

Life Balance, female empowerment, healthy eating, and the regular practice of physical activity to maintain the body in perfect balance. These are some of the topics covered during the #WomenExperience, two days of well-being consisting of different sessions focused on nutrition, physical activity, and business in various aspects of a modern woman's life.

The event brought together several prestigious experts, brand ambassadors, and guests who shared their experiences and insights in various talks and activities aimed at promoting the physical and mental health of modern women:

  • Work-life balance, empowerment, and business by Vanesa Lorenzo and Natalie Batlle (CEO of Juno House)
  • The ABC of nutrition in women by Blanca Galofré (integrative nutritionist) and Amelia Platón (pharmacist, nutritionist, and MasterChef 9)
  • Sports training by José Expósito (XT29 Method, co-created with his sister "Batuka")
  • Show-cooking by Amelia Platón

It was a genuine privilege for Nutralie to be able to share these sessions with the entire team and guests, fostering dialogue around women's well-being, promoting and bringing more visibility to the benefits of products like Women Complex, as well as the rest of the products offered by the brand.

At Free Falling, we are delighted with the positive reception that all of Nutralie's products are receiving, as it is already present in 12 European countries: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Romania, and Sweden.

We continue working to put the very best supplements for well-being into the hands of people.