Nutralie celebrates a Conscious Cooking Show in Madrid

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On November 10, the Show Cooking by Nutralie took place in Madrid, where the concept of wellness and health played a fundamental role. It was a live, experiential, dynamic and immersive event in which several experts from the sector participated, who shared their insights on conscious eating, organic food, transgenic food, antioxidants, among others.

The Showcooking was led by Amelia Patón or better known as Amelicious, a pharmacist, nutritionist and coach, and by Blanca Galofré, an integrative nutritionist, who were the masters of ceremonies and cooked some recipes with Nutralie supplements in front of the attendees and guests.

Everything under the motto; “Where food does not arrive, supplements arrive”, Blanca contributed to the talk some keys to a healthy life, as well as what should be the physical activity habits that accompany them to obtain more energy and enjoy vital balance.

During the event, there was also a talk on well-being and health, in which Miri Perez, Esmeralda Moya and Teresa de la Cierva also participated, who conveyed from different angles how to achieve and enjoy inner well-being through taking appropriate supplements. Also present were David Garcia and Rodrigo Cernadas, founding partners of Free Falling, a holding company to which Nutriexperts belongs, and Vanesa Lorenzo, as Brand Ambassador for Nutralie, who explained her experience with the brand, how it is cared for, and complements its diet with the different Nutralie supplements.

Nutralie wanted to strengthen communication by focusing on the differentiating point offered by the brand: the Complex Formulas. “The objective of these complex formulas lies in finding maximum well-being through the synergies of the ingredients of their products.” The entire team was happy to be able to share and reflect on relevant topics such as health and well-being, making the event a success.

From the beginning, Nutralie has opted for complex formulas with ingredients capable of creating synergies between them to enhance their properties and benefits. In addition, the use of high-quality raw materials is the starting point for any of its formulations, since one of its main objectives is to make unique and quality formulations available to everyone.

It is an initiative that is receiving a strong boost with the efforts of the entire team that is working so that Nutralie continues to be a leading brand in sales and a benchmark for the nutricosmetics sector.

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