Free Falling, joins Vallformosa as a shareholder.

Joining the Vallformosa project has been a natural step for us, the respect and admiration for the leadership of Josep Graells March and the magnificent team that forms the basis of a disruptive model, drives us to want to participate and live in first person this transformation of the sector.

As partners, to bring the principles on which we founded Free Falling: Better | Digital | Global and thus contribute to the digital transformation and internationalization of a company with more than 150 years of history that has modeled itself as a Start Up to write its own future, is an exciting challenge.


Vallformosa, with more than 150 years of history, is a company with character, unconventional and disruptive that enjoys, in its DNA, of the festivity and joy to collect moments that can be transformed into a real celebration. In its wines and sparkling wines, tradition, innovation, sustainability and differentiation coexist in all their aspects.

Its values are focused on:

  1. Respect: it continuously works to obtain the highest quality of its products with respect for its surroundings and actions to improve the environment.
  2. Proximity: Vallformosa is a company that is close and accessible to all its interlocutors.
  3. Dynamism: Capture and generate new knowledge (ideas, initiatives, proposals for improvement and innovation) and transform it into new processes, organizational models, products, services and business models.









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