They have a laboratory of audiovisual tools to test and apply innovations offered by technology.


    • VIDEOS: They offer a consultancy service and include a creative team made up of screenwriters, entertainers and producers that take charge of transmitting the idea, catching attention and attracting people.


    • MAKING OF: This type of video is very attractive and powerful for proposals such as; events, sponsorships, carrying out a solidarity action, etc.


  • LIVE: The live team is made up of producers that take charge of localising and coordinating all of the content and the technical details so that everything runs smoothly. They have directors, cameras and sound technicians who are experts in live productions.


    • CAPSULES: They are specialists in the creation of pieces in an agile, optimised and scalable way in order to help clients with that differential aspect and encourage more effective communication with their audience.


OTTO Films has more than 15 years of experience in audiovisual and live productions and creating television programmes thanks to the accumulation of all of Benmirat Producciones’s knowledge and experience, who are led by Marc Riera.

Along with Lifting Group, a Consultancy and Strategy and Marketing Agency that also has their own creative agency called Imagine Creative Ideas under their umbrella, OTTO Films is able to creatively adapt to the needs of their clients.


OTTOS creates attractive audiovisual content with the best tools and solutions in order to carry out their clients’ audiovisual projects to provide them with the best solutions when needed.

They work on any challenge with the client in a transparent and planned way, and with the best encouragement and attitude so that both parties enjoy what they are passionate about.



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