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Lifting Group was founded to bring companies growth and continuous improvement. It has a team that specializes in new technologies and digital transformation, working each day on 5 verticals: strategy, sales, retail, digital channel and international expansion.

After over 15 years in business and over 30 million euros managed on all types of projects operating all over the world, it has earned its place as one of the leading digital sector companies in the country.

Lifting Group is a unique and friendly partner that gets involved in companies’ day-to-day, forming a team with their marketing staff, or else laying the foundations for the operational and marketing structure necessary to cope with any business challenge.


The Lifting Group working areas are grouped into 3 great blocks that are deployed to match the needs and objectives of each client.

  • CONSULTANCY: For the Consultancy areas of Business, Marketing, Digital, Internationalization, Commercial, Big Data and Channel Performance.
  • MARKETING OUTSOURCING: Marketing department outsourcing through the Marketing Outsourcing and Online Marketing Outsourcing services. This is one of the star services that catapulted the company forward as a pioneer in 2007, accompanying many businesses so they grow successfully.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING: Bespoke services focussing on client needs: Digital, Inbound, Outbound, Identity and Sales consultancy.

100% ownership and voting rights

Leading details

15 years of expertise
Service Verticals
Million managed
Active clients each month
Consultancy and Digital Projects


Discover our Corporate Brochure

We invite you to download our Corporate Brochure, a document that expresses our vision, mission and values. What, how and why we do what we do. At Lifting Group we focus our work on achieving clients business goals and translating them into measurable results and personal growth.

Lifting Group

15 June 2022

Lifting Group celebrates 15 years helping its clients to grow

24 February 2022

Lifting Group prepares to grow in 2022

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Since 2012 alongside companies and entrepreneurs, attracting talent and building the future together.

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