Fizzycaps, the first circular capping system

Fizzycaps is the most innovative Barcelona startup on the market in terms of capping. Its products focused on the sparkling wine sector (cava and champagne) and carbonated beverages (soft drinks, mineral water, kombucha and beer) have already been awarded for their good circular economy practices and their innovation in Packaging processes and machinery.

The Fizzycaps capping system and products have been developed with the most innovative, disruptive and sustainable technologies on the market, the result of research and development work, accumulating several patents and numerous international awards.

After 10 years of research and development, the company has managed to obtain its own patented capping technology, which helps create a circular economy with its products, or what is called the “ZIRCULAR” movement.

This “Zircular” movement seeks to promote this economy, maximizing the value of already used containers, being able to reduce the consumption of resources and waste, reuse caps where it is not possible now, and easily recycle caps as they are made of a single material.

What is its differential value?

Fizzycaps have been introduced to the market to convert the traditional capping solution into a sustainable capping solution.

Its system offers the market disruptive capping solutions that replace other capping methodologies, improving each process where its caps are involved.

They offer the ability to reuse bottles that are not today.

They reduce, rationalize and optimize the use of plastic.

They convert what is non-recyclable, or difficult to recycle, into 100% recyclable and/or recoverable

Free Falling joins the company Fizzycaps as a shareholder

Free Falling has joined the Fizzycaps project as a partner shareholder, where additionally the CEO, David Garcia is part of the board of directors and management. Being part of this project as the team in charge of leading the marketing strategy drives us to continue participating in the first person in the transformation of the sector where the brand operates. As a strategic team, we provide an innovative vision capable of deploying our methodology, which we know works and ensures growth and profitability.

Actions that our teams are leading:

  • Leadership and management of the Marketing department.
  • Development of presentations and commercial material.
  • Creation of a brand style manual, allowing the creation of a much more solid brand image, positioned and differentiated from the current competition.
  • Restructuring of the website, in order to increase the flow of visits to the website.

12.7% ownership and voting rights

Datos principales

Designed in Barcelona
Monthly tons of plastic and metal waste
Worldstar Winner 2020
Liderpack Awards 2022

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