Fizzycaps drives the Zircular movement

The Fizzycaps Circular Movement

With the motto "They are raw materials, not waste", Fizzycaps is a forerunner of the Zircular movement with which it wants to transform the traditional capping industry, helping companies in various sectors such as cava, beer and carbonated drinks to optimize their products with more sustainable solutions than the current ones.

After more than 10 years of innovation and development behind it, the Barcelona company Fizzycaps, also known as the first company to make 100% circular caps for covering sparkling and carbonated drinks, aims to save tons of plastic waste on the planet with its patented caps.

It is an initiative focused on promoting the circular economy in all sectors in which the brand is involved and focuses on the collection of materials used to create new products. To put a fact on the table, Europe generates almost 26 million tons of plastic waste per year, so the Zircular movement wants to minimize the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

To do this, it emphasizes both the collection of raw materials already used, as well as the recycling processes of its own products, as well as the production processes in which it intervenes together with other companies that want to bet on innovation, with initiatives focused on:

  • Reuse plugs that are not today
  • Reduce, rationalize and optimize the use of plastic
  • Reduce resource and production costs in companies
  • Convert the non-recyclable, or difficult to recycle into 100% recyclable and/or recoverable

From Free Falling we enjoy being part of the project, we like to collaborate in initiatives like this one; fully focused on providing value, innovation and creativity to improve the day-to-day life of people and the planet.


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