Businesses that are trending. How do we identify them?

Global trends such as the circular economy, proposals that point to a more efficient and sustainable production system in consumption.

The height of health and personal well-being, cybersecurity that continues to grow as companies digitize, are some of the sectors at the height of growth and that will provide opportunities and inspiration at the time of approaching a new entrepreneurial project.

From Free Falling we have several consulting teams specialized in carrying out feasibility studies on interesting sectors and/or new and growing unstoppable trends that have awakened in the wake of the pandemic. Additionally, these equipment put a special focus on those more prosperous sectors that are working to arouse the interest of consumers, such as the development of new immersive technologies or day-to-day sensing with the increase in the use of smart management gadgets that are charging special relevance in recent years.

But how do we work with this valuable information that the market offers us?

At Free Falling we have a methodology that has led us to success and thanks to it we have launched new brands in different markets, achieving success at national and international level. To that end, we use our Better | Digital | Overall and a methodology capable of breaking with the established, ensuring the success of each project.

Next, we detail the steps we followed to carry out a Consumer Trends Study to develop the birth of a new project:

Sector studio. If the market needs it, I pray for the market.

Carry out a preliminary study of the sector where we want to focus and the starting point. For him, the teams focus on detailing what type of ecosystem the business will develop, allowing for competitive knowledge and development of the product or service.

What moves in this sector? What interests the consumer?

Having this type of information about the market will make it possible to build a value offer capable of responding to the benefits of the business in the face of competition.

Competency Study

Once we understand the market, we can identify which ones are the main competitors and study which ones are their strong and weak points. Analyzing the competence through a complete Benchmark will provide us with the keys to define and structure solid foundations for our own project; market segments to be studied, definition of geographical area, etc.

Definition of the key of the project

At this point we elaborated the DAFO that would be the conclusions that we have obtained from the sector and competence study. What are my weaknesses and internal strengths as a company or business idea? What are the external factors that can affect or benefit me (opportunities, threats)?

This information will allow us to define the target audience: Buyer Persona to have a more complete and real idea about our potential consumer. Get to know in depth your needs, what are your motivations, passions and tastes so you can plan a focused and personalized strategy for the established target audience.

Definition of the business model: Business Plan and project monetization

Creating a company is a long process; from the creative process when the idea arises, until it becomes a reality. In this phase we will have to take many important decisions, especially those referring to the economic value of the product or service that we seek to commercialize. Can I sell my product? What is the ideal price? Will you pay me the account of all the effort and the average employed? These are some of the questions that we will have to answer to know that we are going to buen puerto.

At Free Falling we help you to prepare an exhaustive Business Plan and we guide you according to your specific needs. All the information that we have obtained in the previous study must be expressed in this operational and functional document that, on the one hand, we will use to validate the initial idea at an operational level, with an organizational plan, coming from the legal structure, human resources, and a financial analysis which evaluates the own resources, the financing needs or the own financial project of the project.

On the other hand, it will allow us to have our own document to be able to present it to third parties, to possible investors, banks to obtain financing or to show the feasibility of the plan before your suppliers, potential customers, possible partners or future employees.

Financing models and resource search: Show me the money!

In order to carry out the project, we must know what amount of economic resources we need to put it in motion and start generating benefits. This is the time to start making decisions and start executing on the playing field. Find everything we don’t have to offer the product, go from the sample phase to obtain the ideal prototype, find a place to carry out your activity or service and carry out all the investment necessary until the project becomes self-sufficient.

Each business has its needs and objectives, and that’s why since Free Falling we adapt to any need that may have the project, giving it access to different sources of financing or helping to make important decisions for the future of the company.

Legal procedures: formal structure of company or society

Defining the business structure that most convinces the business is key to its viability. For it, it is important to analyze all aspects associated with it, such as the different legal and legal forms. It all depends on the responsibility, the tax obligations, the number of partners, the type of company and the initial capital for the incorporation of the company.

Test & Go!

If we have the minimum viable unit of product or service, we just need to define a distribution channel strategy, as well as a marketing and communication strategy to be able to carry out our launch and a visual strategy.

The online channel offers us many facilities to be successful and start selling quickly, to be able to test and plant improvements quickly and efficiently. Knowing the available channels and having a launch strategy carried out by professionals will facilitate the feasibility and success of the same.

If you have a project in mind and you want us to help you carry it out, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll enchant you with the results and make your own reality.

We conceived business support as an agreement based on mutual trust and on establishing a broad relationship with our project partners.

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