We Build Digital, Better and Global

Free Falling is a project company. These projects may be their own initiatives and external, the only condition is that at Free Falling we can provide the principles on which we are founded: Better | Digital | Global


About the agency

Founded with the aim of creating and investing in projects that comply with the paradigm of transformation and the possibility of breaking the status quo of their industries. At Free Falling we are not an incubator, nor do we base ourselves on growth phases or rounds... our objective is to have a portfolio of diverse, unique projects with the same sustainable growth, the ability to perform and transform their industry at the same time.

We rely on building a stable relationship with our partners and we mainly focus on the people who form part of the project. Along with the partners of each of the projects, we develop profitable and scalable business models.
Moreover, we provide part of our team for all projects in order to ensure the methodology and provide the expertise necessary to guarantee projection and profitability.

We like it when a plan comes together

We like to create solid projects that you feel satisfied with and that, although they are independent projects, they have the same principles: Better | Digital | Global

Let’s make something great

Do you want to get to know us? Do you have a project? Would you like to work with us? Or do you want to invest with us? ...We can start with this contact form. Leave us your details and tell us why you would like us to contact you. We would love to continue getting to know people and interesting projects